Split, Croatia- Rachel (2016)

Posted 06/23/2017 by Rachel Ramey

My favorite experiences in Split were the evening concerts at the courtyard in the shadow of the Roman ruins. We sat for hours on the steps of the plaza just listening to the musicians. It was a perfect space for dancing under the stars, although no one danced. I would love to return someday to dance in the courtyard. In all the hours I spent listening to the music, only one little girl, and one couple dance for one song each. It seemed like a waste of dancing space.

We met a girl from Britain who was a sign language interpreter and had spent 9 months in Africa traveling to study sign language from the different countries. She was my favorite person I met on my travels. She had spent a long time out of her country so we talked about adjusting back to our own cultures after so long away. I love finding fellow travelers with similar world views and experiences, they make me feel at home.  Laura sat with us in the plaza both nights.