Barcelona, Spain- Asia Monet Hayes (2018)


Originally Posted August 21, 2019

By a stroke of good fortune, my first day in Barcelona ended up being the first day of the Festa de Gracia. The festival is one of Barcelonas largest festivals and oldest traditions in Barcelona each year in the neighborhood of Gracia. The residential streets are completley transformed to match a certain theme. The magic of it all is that each of the streets are 1) decorated by all of the residents and 2) they are only allowed to use recycled materials to complete the task. The fesitval attracts people from all over the city making it very crowded. Luckily my hostal was in the neighborhood and it was very accessible even on the opening night. With this I was fully prepared to be a part of Barça! After having such a good experience with walking tours in Porto I decided that with Barcelona being such a large city it would be best to explore it by foot. I slightly over estimated the amount of walking, but I really do feel that I had the opportunity to experience the city as much as I could in the short time that I was there. It would be improper not to mention that most of these tours included food.