After Nice I went to Rome, which was like an attic of Western History. The Colosseum and Forum were both impressive, aƶthough so familiar. (I actually thought that the Amphitheatre in Arles was in better condition). It was nice to have a look at the Roman world though, for so much of the rest of my trip focuses on more modern times in history. I spent three days total, and there was little (of the big things) that I did not get to see. I had the good fortune to see the town with a couple of guys who insisted on guided tours of everything. In the end I was glad they did for it really helped in my appreciation of all the sights (especially St. Peter’s). I was kicked out of one hostel due to my inability to read certain directions in Italian, but that happens, I suppose. Nonetheless, “I no want you in my house no more” is not what you like to hear at close to 11:30 at night, when you’re not certain there are any more vacancies in town.