Wow…I have really loved London! It’s amazing how many exciting things are in the city. Because I only had one day (well, that was the original plan. I ended up with 2 full days because I couldn’t catch a bus to the city where my camp is until Tuesday instead of Monday.), I started with a lot of the touristy areas: Buckingham Palace, where I saw the changing of the guard; Westminster Abbey (went inside on Tues. where there was an interesting museum); Parliament and Big Ben (I even saw some debates in both the House of Commons and Lords); the Globe Theatre (caught a little bit of Richard II as a groundling!); skimmed through a tiny part (b/c it’s so big!) of the National Gallery; and also visited some other areas such as Trafalgar Square, Covent Market, London Bridge, etc. Whew! Makes my legs tired just writing about it. And they were two busy days. Luckily John Harris had put me in touch with a really nice lady who not only gave me a great place to stay, but also helped me figure out an itinerary.

June 17th

And here I am today…about to head off to camp. For those who did not know, I have signed up to be a volunteer at a camp in Mablethorpe, England. It’s for underprivileged children ages 7-11, and the purpose is to give them a time to do fun things (beach, arcades, shopping, etc.) that they don’t usually get to do. I was supposed to arrive yesterday, as I mentioned, but I should get there by this evening. I’m looking forward to working with the kids, and I think it will be a lot of fun. They try to get volunteers from different countries, so hopefully I’ll learn a lot from them as well. Anyway, the camp lasts for 2 weeks. After it I will return to London for the night and depart the next morning. I don’t have computer access from the camp, so please excuse me if I don’t return messages, send updates, etc. Bye!