France- Asia Monet Hayes (2018)


After a day in Marseille we made a quick trip over to Cassis and I absolutely LOVED it! there is nothing like a day out on the sea!

and whats a day out on the sea with no ice cream!


After my night in Cannes we packed up her families car and took a road trip to Marseille. A beautiful seaside town with incredible churches and architecture. The city had a certain charm about it different from the other cities I had visited. This trip was also different because I got to spend a little bit more time with family.Weonly had one day in Marseille, but we managed to pack a lot in! We started the day at Notre Dame de la Garde a beautiful cathedral in the city.

After the church her family indulged me in one of my guilty pleasures! SOAP. I am not sure when it began but at some point in my life I really started to enjoy artesian soaps. If you are reading and also a soap person then you would be familiar with Marseille Soap. It is a type of soap specific to the region and made famous by their soap making process. There is no official trademark for the original soap, but in Marseille there exist a society that focuses on the history of Marseille Soap. So of course with the opportunity in front of me I went to a soap museum.

After my soap detour we went back to the more popular sights of the city ending the day at Fort Saint- Jean!


Less than 24 hrs. in Menton and I was on a train to Cannes! During the summer the city host themed parties every Sunday. The Sunday I arrived was planned to be very exaggerated version of the 70s . Romane for-warned me that the line could get a little crazy to get in. I learned that this was a very soft could. After about an hour of waiting and a little bit of french elbowing we arrived! It was only one night in Cannes, but the city is now on the books for me!


Originally Posted August 21, 2019

After a long 6 years I finally had the opportunity to reconnect with my French other half. In 2013 Romane lived with my family as a Rotary Exchange student. Even though 6 years have past, our interactions are familiar. After two weeks of solo travel I am very glad to be spending time with Romane and her family and I look forward to all of our upcoming adventures.