Lindsay-2011 Recipient in Santorini, Greece

John Fraser Ramsey devoted 42 years of his life to his students, to the discipline of history, and to The University of Alabama.

Many distinguishing characteristics form the unique personality of Professor John Fraser Ramsey. These include his wit and humor, his sociability and joy of living, his charm and dignity, his integrity and intellectual honesty, his universality of interests and knowledge, and his interest in and concern for other people. But the greatest attributes which Professor Ramsey shared with those who knew him were his humanistic qualities. John Ramsey was able to transmit his own deep love and enthusiasm for the study of man, his ideas, achievements and failures to others; and it was this experience which excited and inspired many individuals to the enjoyment of and participation in a fuller life.

The John Fraser Ramsey Award commemorates this humaneness and encourages the widest attainment of knowledge and interest in all areas of man’s endeavors by recognizing it in the recipient.

Ramsey’s love and respect for his students, peers, and friends, manifested in countless ways through personal devotion, professional encouragement, financial assistance, social relations and constant friendship, were a source of deep satisfaction for many and an example for all. Through interest and direction, he inspired and taught many generations of students and guided innumerable students to success in history and other professions. Always Ramsey insisted that his students, colleagues, and The University of Alabama at large pursue the highest standards of academic excellence and, in the many capacities in which he served, he never lost sight of this objective.

The John Fraser Ramsey Award commemorates this intellectualism and encourages the same standards of excellence by recognizing the academic attainments of the recipient.

Ramsey’s leadership, his rigorous moral and ethical code, led many from Uninversity officials to freshmen to seek his willing counsel and wise advice. He was guide, example, father, god-father, Dutch uncle, and friend to many. Ramsey was that rare individual who devoted his life to helping others in their efforts to attain that same degree of professional and personal excellence that he himself achieved.

The John Fraser Ramsy Award commemorates this selfless leadership and encourages its development by recognizing the leadership qualities of the recipient.

Ramsey Family on Tour AL Alumni Magazine 1999