Florence, Italy – Leslie and I got off of the train and were immediately targeted as lonely students who needed a place to stay. Sr. Franz was willing and able to play the part of host. It was really a wonderful place, right near Ponte Vecchia. Dogs poop everywhere in Italy, and the rest of Europe for that matter, so you must always watch your step. That’s a little tip for the next Ramsey winner and something I learned very well in Florence! Il Duomo was incredible, and the sites were too many to name. This city is full of ornate architecture, and this being the home of Michelangelo, it is not at all lacking in art and the history of art. It seems as though there is a famous sculpture in every museum, and there is a museum on nearly every corner.

My favorite place in Florence has to be Piazzale Michelangelo (offers a great view of the city), but I couldn’t go there this time. The story goes something like this. I walk into the tabaccheria and ask which bus takes you to Piazzale Michelangelo. The clerk says Bus 13. Just for safe measure, I ask someone on the street…Bus 13. I see Bus 13, and it has a sign for Piazzale Michelangelo on it. PERFECT! I’m on Bus 13 for a while, when all of a sudden it stops. I inquire about Piazzale Michelangelo. The bus driver tells me that this bus doesn’t go to Piazzale Michelagelo. In fact, no bus will take someone to Piazale Michelangelo anymore. They don’t have service there. You have to walk up the street about 25 minutes (with that huge pack on your back) and arrive at Piazzale Michalengo hot and angry. Hm…I really thought this bus went to Piazale Michelangelo….oh well. I’m too tired to hike it.

So, that night rolls around, and I go to dinner at Acqua al Due only to meet a guy who went to Piazale Michelangelo that afternoon, on, you’ll never guess…BUS 13. It went all the way up there just as I remember. Oh well…VA BENE! At least the food is great! The next day, I went searching for my favorite street artist in the world who just so happens to live in Florence. I remembered him from my previous trip a year ago. He’s a cello player, and he’s wonderful! I found him that night and listened for 2 hours. Life was good that night. Va bene!