Prague –

Leslie and I went to the Czech Republic, because she and her family are good friends with Bill Cabbaniss, the United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic. I visited Prague the previous year, and the sites were still fresh on my mind. Therefore, from the moment we arrived I was back into the thick of things. Charles Bridge is a wonderful site, constructed on September 7th at 5:31 in the afternoon of year 1357. It sounds hard to remember, but King Charles suffered from obsessive compulsive disorder, at least that is what I believe, so he asked that the bridge be finished in 1357 in the 9th month, 7th day, at 5:31. If you still can’t see it, I’ll just show it to you in an easier way. 135797531. At any rate, it’s a wonderful place with plenty of history.

We met with Ambassador Cabbaniss for about an hour, and we took a nap in the hotel after a really long day of traveling. That night, we woke up and got some food at a nearby pub. Leslie got a milkshake for dessert, and it turns out that the milkshakes were actually…drum roll please…Slimfast! This is no joke people! As if it’s not enough of a culture shock to be in a foreign country, the Czechs decide to serve Slimfast for dessert. At least this explains why people in Prague are so thin. I can just picture it now. “Splurge! 24 hours of desserts!” Anyway, I opted not to try a dessert after Leslie’s disappointment. The following day, we went to the Jewish Quarter, spent the day hanging out in little cafes watching the locals interact and got back on the train for Austria. It was a great day.