Reykjavik, Iceland-Rachel (2016)

Posted 05/16/2017 by Rachel Ramey


We are traveling on budget airlines, which gave was the cheapest route to see the places I wanted to see. On these budget airlines you can only take one carry-on size bag for free- meaning lots of adventure and repeated outfits. (If it looks like I’m visiting all these countries over 4 days, it’s because I only have 4 shirts. It’s nice not to have much stuff, it makes me very mobile and we are easily able to take all the public transportation, plus, I don’t have much that I am afraid of losing.

Valencia, Spain-Rachel (2016)

Posted 05/10/2017 by Rachel Ramey

My first stop on my backpacking tour was in Valencia, Spain to visit my sister. She spent the spring semester studying in Valencia, so I got to stay at her host family and see her life in Valencia.

My Great Ideas Tour-Rachel (2016)

05/05/2017- Rachel Ramey

I am excited to embark on my next adventure, a Great Ideas Tour through Europe. The Great Ideas Tour (GIT) is a part of the John Fraser Ramsey Premier Award at the University of Alabama. The award honors John Fraser Ramsey, a history professor at the University of Alabama who dedicated his life to the university and the students. When he retired, his former students and colleagues established the scholarship in his honor.

Several weeks ago I was welcomed into the Ramsey Family, joining the other 39 award recipients, board members, and friends of Dr. Ramsey. I am honored to be a part of this wonderful group of people who remember the amazing life of this amazing man and who strive to uphold his commitment to “academic excellence, humanitarian service, genuine friendship, and kind-hearted generosity.”